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Ledger as a Service

The back-end challenges of ledger reconciliation are a headache. We cut through the complexity with an immutable double entry accounting ledger delivered seamlessly via API.

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Powerful data wrangling

Easily consolidate multiple sources of data and export outputs to other accounting platforms.

Flexible and adaptable

Add new products and transaction categories as your business evolves, without engineering rewrites.

Built for scale

Designed to support multiple product types, hundreds of system accounts and hundreds of thousands of customers.

Compliance made simple

Efficient, automated reconciliation means more accurate recordkeeping and reporting.

What makes us different?

Clean and stand-alone

Most commercially-available ledgers are embedded in heavy core banking systems. Ours functions as a standalone and general-purpose product that can be easily integrated with your existing systems via API. No complex configuration processes, so you can go live in days instead of weeks.

Immutable and event-driven

Our event-driven technology means your financial records are always complete and accurate - not just today, but forever. Every action is recorded and nothing is ever lost or deleted, which means you can time travel to view the state of your accounts at any point in your business history.

Evolving with your needs

You're the expert on what your business needs from a ledger service. And if you need it, we can build it. We'll work with you to iteratively improve our product based on your input. If we can't support something right away, we set it as a priority on our roadmap of enhancements.

Competitively priced

Purchasing a ledger is expensive. Building your own ledger is expensive and time-consuming. We've priced our ledger service with start-ups and new entrants in mind. We'll handle the heavy lifting around reconciliation, so you can focus your time and resources on getting products to market.

Ready to get started?

The beta version of the ledger will be available in our sandbox environment soon, so you can dive straight in and try it out - no charges and no obligations. Sign up now to be informed as soon as we go live.