With a first-class banking and payments API, built-in compliance and risk management, we're building the world's most modern bank.

Easy integration

Our API makes it simple to get up and running

Designed with security and ease of use in mind, our API makes it easy to build your banking needs directly into your application.

GET /v1/accounts HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    "id": "4c4dbaa1-dbfe-4430-a0be-878a54bf353b",
    "resource": "account",
    "customer_id": "913684e7-6f07-4334-a290-00f389e05854",
    "account_type": "checking",
    "sort_code": "12-34-56",
    "balance": 586050,
    "currency": "GBP",
    "account_number": 31926819

What we offer


Create and manage thousands to millions of segregated current or savings accounts for your customers.


Integration with UK/EU payment schemes including direct debit, FPS, and SEPA - so you can handle payments however you want.

Built-in Compliance

With built-in KYC and AML, our platform handles compliance for you. Stop worrying about risk and focus on building your products.

Ease of Integration.

With a best-in-class API and SDKs in most major languages, we make it easy to get up and running.

Security First

We've put security first. We use TLS everywhere, encrypt all data at rest, and sign all request payloads within our architecture.

Reporting and Analytics

Our online portal provides a clean interface with which to track compliance issues, visualize trends and gather insights.

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