Our mission is to help companies launch financial products

As a (soon-to-be) API-first bank, we help companies of all sizes connect to the banking infrastructure they need.

The Team

The best technology comes from people who understand it. With over a decade of experience founding and operating infrastructure companies in Silicon Valley, we know what it means to build great tech.

David Jarvis


David was an early engineer at Standard Treasury (acquired by Silicon Valley Bank in 2015), where he was responsible for building out the company's core banking system offering.

After leaving Standard Treasury David joined Airbnb, where he worked on infrastructure, scaling their in-house build and deployment systems to thousands of builds per week.

Allen Rohner


Allen was the founder and CTO of CircleCI. Along with David, Allen is the author of Learning ClojureScript, an introductory book to the ClojureScript language.

Allen has been a core Clojure contributor since the earliest days of the language. Software written by Allen has been downloaded over 200,000 times.



London, UK