Our mission: provide easy access to banking infrastructure.

We help fintechs quickly build and connect to the financial services infrastructure they need.


We're Hiring!

Griffin is a fully-regulated, API-first bank. Our platform is built to help companies launch financial products. We believe in lowering barriers to entry by providing easy access, clear documentation, and a transparent pricing structure.

Our offices are a few blocks off the Old Street roundabout in London. Our engineering workforce is distributed - we're currently hiring remote across the UK/EU/US for qualified candidates.

We are well-funded, offer competitive pay and generous perks. We're hiring for multiple roles, including, but not limited to:

Backend Engineer

We're looking for backend engineers to build out the core banking platform. Our ledger has to scale to tens of thousands of requests per second, with all systems fully correct and available. We'll also need fully-functional integrations with a half-dozen different payment rails.

Our technology stack is Clojure, Kafka, Postgres, Kubernetes. Experience in payments or core banking systems preferred but not required.

Frontend Engineer

As the first frontend engineer, you'll build a fast, responsive user interface that delights our customers. You'll be working with the design team, having an eye for good design is appreciated.

Frontend stack: ClojureScript, React


As our first designer, you'll have a large effect on the look and feel of the UI, documentation and landing pages.

Proficiency in HTML and CSS desired.

Security Engineer

We're building a bank, so security is paramount. We need security at many levels: AppSec, NetSec, Devops, Corporate IT, Customer Privacy, external Threat Operations.


As part of the product team, your job will be to read and understand the relevant banking regulations, and work with the development team to guide feature development. Day-to-day responsibilities include writing feature requirements documents, researching and responding to regulation-related questions from the development team, and reviewing features delivered by the development team.

Prior experience in banking/finance/payments/fintechs preferred. Technical ability is a plus, but not required.

Please send resumes/CVs to jobs@griffin.sh

No Recruiters

No recruiters, no offshore teams. Seriously.



London, U.K.



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