Griffin is currently seeking authorisation to become a bank with the FCA and PRA.

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Our executive team

Our executive team comes from a wide range of professional backgrounds and brings over a century's worth of combined banking and technology experience to the table.

David Jarvis

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

David has spent nearly a decade working as an infrastructure engineer at companies like Airbnb and CircleCI. He worked on the core banking system at API banking startup Standard Treasury, acquired by Silicon Valley Bank in 2015. Along with Allen, he is the author of Learning ClojureScript.

Allen Rohner

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Allen is a founder and former CTO of CircleCI. He has advised prominent financial technology firms on their internal technology development and helped Funding Circle stress-test a new version of its internal ledger technology. Software written by Allen has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

Anna O'Shaughnessy

Chief Risk Officer

Anna was Head of Compliance and Deputy MLRO at Rothschild & Co Wealth Management. She also spent five years at the PRA-Bank of England (formerly FSA) where she led the team responsible for new bank authorisation and supervision.

Sam Perera

Chief Financial Officer

Sam started his 20-year career in KPMG and PwC, consulting for global and regional banking institutions. He has spent the past decade restructuring and developing banking institutions as CFO, Finance Director, and Head of Finance.

Maria Campbell

VP People

Maria has held the role of Head of People at GoCardless and at Monzo Bank, and senior people roles on the executive teams of technology companies. She has spent her career developing and implementing commercially-minded, inclusive people strategies.

Rupert Whitten

Chief Operating Officer

Rupert was the Head of Credit at Gordian Knot, where he chaired the investment committee responsible for managing $65bn in assets. He also led the project management of First Global Trust Bank's successful authorisation process.

Laura Hauser

VP Marketing

Laura has led global marketing teams for B2B companies with highly technical products in the software development and IT space. She specialises in turning disruptive, complex technology into approachable solutions and has helped brands like Atlassian, Adaptavist, and NextRoll grow market share.

Adam Moulson

Chief Commercial Officer

Adam is a founder and former Chief Commercial Officer of Form3, which provides critical real-time payments infrastructure to banks and fintechs such as Lloyds, Nationwide and Square. Prior to starting Form3, he was a country manager at SWIFT.

James Trunk

VP Engineering

James has 20 years of experience building successful digital products and high performing teams. He has held previous roles as a Product Owner, CTO, and Head of Engineering, and has advised leadership teams and coached C-level executives.