Griffin is currently seeking authorisation to become a bank with the PRA and the FCA.

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We're making the bank you can build on

Our platform makes it simple, quick, and cost-effective to develop and launch financial products.

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The power of a bank + modern SaaS technology

Build on the secure and regulated infrastructure of a bank and seamlessly embed financial products into your app via modern APIs.

Griffin is currently seeking authorisation to become a UK bank with the PRA and the FCA.

An illustration showing the distinct layers in Griffin's stack. From top to bottom: brands embedding finance, fintech ecosystem, Griffin platform, Griffin bank.

Our platform

Experience a full-stack Banking as a Service platform that includes

  • Customer onboardingLive

    Automate your KYC/KYB processes (including AML and anti-fraud checks) with Verify, our end-to-end onboarding solution for fintechs.

  • Safeguarding accountsComing soon

    Stay compliant with safeguarding regulations and offer designated white-label deposit accounts for each of your customers. Perfect for EMIs and PIs.

  • CardsComing soon

    Give your customers more options for accessing their funds with branded debit, prepaid, and digital cards.

  • Client money accountsComing soon

    Streamline reconciliation with segregated CASS-compliant term and demand deposit accounts, with individual account numbers and sort codes.

  • PaymentsComing soon

    Access all the UK's major payment rails, including FPS, Bacs, and CHAPS, with FX payments in the pipeline.

Direct banking for fintechs

Manage your money with fintech experts. Once authorised, our BaaS customers can get access to operational accounts and flexible credit.

Operational accounts

GBP business current accounts with as many sub-accounts as you need.

Credit and lending

Get the credit you need to grow your business with rolling overdrafts and secured lending.

Data-driven partnership

Our insight means we will offer competitive terms as a long-term stable banking partner.

The Griffin difference

  • More powerful than middleware

    No more piecing together infrastructure from a dozen different providers. We're the one-stop shop for bank accounts, payments, cards, and more.

  • Get to market quickly

    Onboarding takes days, not months, with our frictionless self-service setup. Pay-as-you-grow pricing means no surprises and lower upfront costs.

  • Compliance made simple

    Our KYC/KYB technology and in-house expertise make it easy to manage risk with real-time visibility on your customers and their transactions.

  • Scalable and flexible

    100 customers or one million, retail or business – whatever you're building, our platform is designed to scale with you.

API-first and developer focused

We aim to be the bank for builders and get you coding fast.

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  • Sleek, modern APIs

    Using clean JSON over REST.

  • Immutable architecture

    Core banking system based on a durable event log.

  • Best-in-class technology

    Cloud native, built on modern infrastructure.

  • Clearly documented

    Simple, comprehensive API reference and guides.

  • Developer sandbox

    Start testing right away – no fees, no sales pitch, no NDAs.

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Our platform is built for

  • UK fintechs

    Innovative fintechs that have distinctive regulatory, compliance, and banking needs.

  • EMIs & PIs

    Institutions that offer e-money services like cards, payment aggregation, escrow services and more.

  • Wealthtech firms

    Regulated firms that are subject to client money requirements, such as trading and investment apps.

Streamline customer onboarding with Verify

Keep your business and your customers safe with automated onboarding and screening, supported by our team of compliance experts.

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  1. Customer onboarding

    Wave goodbye to manual onboarding and use Verify to automate KYC and KYB, including all AML and anti-fraud checks.

  2. Support from domain experts

    Our compliance team keeps the platform up-to-date in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

  3. Reporting and insightsComing soon

    Create dashboards to quickly collate data on your customers and manage risk.

  4. Transaction screeningComing soon

    Screen continuously for sanctions status changes and block potential target matches in real-time.

What our customers say

Our goal has always been to solve problems for consumers using technology that makes running their lives and businesses easier.

We are thrilled to partner with Griffin to replace manual processes with simple, innovative technology that delivers value to customers. We're growing fast, and Verify is poised to help us safely and efficiently take on new customers at scale.

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Head of banking, Comma
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Our mission

Help the next wave of fintech unicorns get to market quickly and scale with control and ease.

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