Griffin is currently seeking authorisation to become a bank with the PRA and the FCA.

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Payments that work for you

Whether your business is about taking payments or building them into your products, our platform can get you where you're going. And whether you're handling 10 payments a month or 10 million, we're built to scale with you.

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Up-to-date and futureproof

Access all of the UK's current payment schemes. We'll keep up to date with all emerging technologies in the space so that when the industry evolves, you can too.

  • Faster Payments

  • Bacs Direct Debits and Direct Credits


Rocket ship

Streamlined integration

Quickly integrate with our API using one of our SDKs or your own solution. Spend less time on your own infrastructure and more time on making your product the best it can be.

  • Clear API documentation

  • Versioned changes

  • Webhooks

  • Sandbox / test environment

API building

Simple, scalable, secure

  1. Secure data on a secure platform

    Peace of mind is precious. That's why we've invested heavily in building high grade security infrastructure to protect your data and to ensure stability and uptime.

  2. Integrate with accounting packages

    Our open banking API allows you to hook directly into your accounting package of choice. Automatically keep your data in sync with your accounting ledger. Or, use Griffin to export transaction history including payments, transfers and fees.

  3. Prevent malicious transactions

    Our built-in transaction monitoring service will flag any transactions that need attention and review. We'll also hold or block transactions that look like they could be connected to financial crime.

  4. A dashboard for everything

    Configure your dashboards in a way that makes sense for your business. Accounts, balances, verifications, transactions, HTTP request logs – track and manage it all in one place.

Getting started

  1. Are we a good fit?

    You'll need to be a registered UK company limited by shares (Ltd) to open a full account with Griffin. For more information on the kind of companies we work with, see our eligibility page.