Griffin is currently seeking authorisation to become a bank with the PRA and the FCA.

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Compliance as a Service

Let our automated platform and team of experts do the heavy lifting for all your compliance needs. We help manage the risk so you can focus on delighting your customers and scaling your business.

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Compliance made simple

Our platform enables you to scale efficiently without the need to build out a sizeable compliance team and manage multiple regtech partners.

Designed for speed

Integrate via our API without getting lost in complex configuration. Save on time and resources and go live in days instead of weeks.

Trusted long-term partner

Visibility on the KYC and KYB process reduces risk for everyone, which means we can be a long-term and stable partner for your business.

Guided by our experts

Our team of compliance specialists focus on the jobs to be done, carrying out investigations, and remediating cases, taking on up to 90% of the workload.

What we offer

Comprehensive customer onboarding

Our technology platform lets you build and run complex processes for onboarding your customers, including robust ID&V checks and screening for sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media matches. Integration via our API enables straight-through processing for most onboarding requests.

Ongoing monitoring and screening

Risk management doesn't stop at onboarding. We offer real-time and retrospective transaction monitoring and screening, plus ongoing monitoring and screening over your customers. Customer risk profiles change over time, so we regularly update risk scores based on new data, and run enhanced due diligence to keep you and your customers safe.

Transparent reporting and insights

Our interactive dashboards give you the information you need to run your business, understand your customers and manage your risks.

Dependable compliance support

We're more than just tech. You'll have access to our team of seasoned compliance professionals and former regulators, who will support horizon scanning, share industry and community insights, and keep you updated on the evolving regulatory landscape. We arm your business with the data and knowledge you need to make hard judgements.

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Are you interested in working with a trusted partner to standup compliance in your business quickly and painlessly?