Griffin is currently seeking authorisation to become a bank with the PRA and the FCA.

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Say goodbye to pooled accounts

We're planning on offering designated client money accounts for each of your customers.

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Customer accounts

Dedicated account numbers and sort codes mean no more payment errors due to mistyped reference numbers.

Integrated ledger

Our integrated ledger streamlines reconciliation. No more overnight segregation sweeps.

Own your brand

You own the customer experience - customers access their accounts via your UI.

Built for scale

Scale at your own pace - our platform is built to grow with you.

Client money services

  1. Bank accounts

    We're currently going through the authorisation process with the PRA and FCA. Once authorised, we'll be offering full demand and fixed term deposit accounts, insured under the FSCS. You set the parameters for the number and type of accounts available to your customers.

  2. Payments

    Instantly send and receive money across all of the UK's payment rails. For more details, see our payments page.

  3. Compliance made easy

    • Total separation of funds makes it easy to show compliance with CASS regulations or SRA client money rules

    • Automated onboarding workflow to handle KYC and screening

    • Real-time transaction monitoring to flag and block suspicious activity

    • Generate required regulatory reports quickly and easily

  4. Under the hood

    • Integrate right away via our API and go live within a week

    • Leverage API endpoints to manage key compliance workflows like onboarding and transaction monitoring

    • Fine-grained user access controls to protect sensitive information

    • Instant notifications via webhooks, or email if you prefer

  5. Your business, your way

    • Configure your dashboards in a way that makes sense for your business

    • Discover key insights quickly and build custom financial reports

    • Access complementary business banking, with flexible credit options

Getting started

  1. Are we a good fit?

    Our client money services are for regulated firms that have their own client money permissions. This includes MiFID firms and regulated professional services firms, such as accountants and solicitors. You'll also need to be a registered UK company limited by shares (Ltd) to open a full account with Griffin. If this describes you, sign up for our sandbox environment and start testing today.

    For more information on the kind of companies we work with, see our eligibility page.

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